Art wall

Sophia adores art and craft, and actually isn’t half bad at it. So when we moved to our new place, even though my interior designer was dying to do a feature wall on the large empty wall behind my dining table, I denied him the pleasure, mentally allocating that space for framed pieces of Sophia’s work. Alas, the shy girl wanted her pieces on her room wall instead and the final compromised was the corridor.

The large piece is the first project from her art class that we recently enrolled her for. She was quickly selected to feature in her school’s newsletter. This is the photo that would appear:

The piece on the right was just a random piece. It was actually Sandra, the younger one, who wanted to paint and, not wanting to lose out, Sophia proceeded to use the paints to create a 5 minute piece as well. The results look pretty amazing if I may say so. I don’t know if this is a fluke because most of her pieces don’t turn out this good but if it is, it’s a fluke I am definitely keeping.

Oh and apart from the art wall pieces she is also constantly working on craft. There are loads of clay figurines and she paints on her toy figurines from kinder surprise eggs. She also recently compelled (yes compelled) me to sew her this pencil case. I was the manual worker, she was the brain with specific instructions as follows:

1) cut a rectangle then cut another one of the same size. You can lay the first one on top to make sure the size is the same. (She also proceeded to show me how long and wide the rectangle should be)

2) sew or glue on the zip.

3) make a bow from this ribbon and fix it “here” (at that corner) 

She then wanted to cut eyes etc out of felt but I told her to just draw them on with black fabric marker (phew good thing I bought some of these else I need to see on felt features!) The drawn on features were definitely the highlight of the piece, wouldn’t you agree?

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