Where does one go during Halloween?

Woodlands woodgrove of course. I was reluctant to go because traffic is a pain and daddy is not around to bring us. However, the bigger girl was insistant and I relented. It ended up being a fun mother-daughter date night.

The Woodgrove at woodlands is surprisingly good at least on the food front. We had waffles and ice cream at Two plus One Cafe. It was so yummy that Sophia finished the entire scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, which has never happened before. She always says she is full after finishing just a quarter of a scoop. The ice cream flavours are interesting but not weird – things like earl grey with figs, Thai milk tea and so on. The waffle is also crispy and not too sweet.

When we went out to wait for the cab, we realised that there is also Loy Kee chicken rice and a 24 hours Muslim Coffeeshop that was very crowded. There is also an NTUC finest. Too bad it’s too far for us to frequent.

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