Chocolate pokeballs (with Pokemon inside)

Gosh, how do the youtubers make it seem so easy?? It’s incredibly difficult. And mine turned out way ugly.

The concept is easy enough. Melt white chocolate, smear a layer on a spherical chocolate mould. Add red food dye to the melted chocolate, smear similarly. Place in fridge. When set, repeat with another layer. Remove from mould, join a red half with a white half, placing a small Pokemon toy inside, seal with more melted chocolate then pipe on the black line with chocolate coloured black.

What could go wrong? Well firstly coating the spheres was not as easy as the video made it seem, especially to get the sides thick enough. Then when I tried to join the 2 halves together, I tried to just remelt the chocolate that I used earlier and it turned lumpy. I had to make up a batch of royal icing to do the decorations instead but still it was not easy to make the icing stick to the ball.

Also, how do you prevent the yet undried black line from smudging and contaminating other Pokeballs, short oh holding each one until it sets (which runs the risk of melting the ball anyway not to mention being completely impractical).

So there’s the first batch of end product, definitely not a masterpiece but I guess you could say they’re not complete flops either. Glad my daughter is not fussy and is already mighty impressed with these.

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