Uh oh.. Jealousy setting in

Met this baby at Robertson Quay and initially Sophia was ok with me holding her with one hand and baby with the other hand but after being dragged along by a very fast-walking baby for a while, she got sulky and didn’t want to move. Gave us the grumpy face too. Uh oh… Maybe time for a sibling to get rid of the first child syndrome.

And that is why I have this blog

I have been neglecting this blog for the longest time because I have been too busy at work to even eat, drink or sleep. But last evening, for the first time in a long time, I managed to go home early and spend some time with Sophia and her daddy.

Once I got home, Daddy was eager to show off the results of his mandarin lessons to me so he picked up a blue piece of paper and asked Sophia “what colour is this” in mandarin (这是什么颜色?) with a look of pride. And with a look of mischief Sophia exclaimed “BOO!” Daddy groans in frustration and tries with a green piece of paper. “GEEN!” she says. And of course, five minutes later when Daddy is out of earshot, she willingly says 蓝色 and 绿色.

I beam from year to ear whenever I think about this incident and am dying to tell someone about it but know rationally that its completely boring to others, and so I tell my story here.

Imagine that!

My hypothesis is that all babies have a vivid imagination from the moment they were born but that cannot manifest itself in play until they have the ability to move around and handle things, and to speak. Now that Sophia has gained these abilities, she’s blowing our minds away with her imagination.

I must already have mentioned how she imagines an earphone is a statoscope. She also takes a stirrer with a loop on top and uses it as an imaginary bubble blowing tool. And this party toy is a scary monster’s tongue that can be used to frighten everyone.


I’m so glad she doesn’t take after the completely unimaginative me in this respect!