Did I really strike it lucky with Sophia?

I never thought of Sophia as being a particularly easy or well behaved child. If anything, she is stubborn (refuses to use public toilet), petty (complains about a boy who stepped on her fingers and didn’t say sorry hours after it happened) and a fussy eater (eats few things outside of green leafy veg, plain rice, pizza, ice cream, bah kwah and Ikan billis). However, when I brought her to my office’s community service day (where I thought she was actually quite a nuisance walking among the elderly as they exercised and quite rude not talking much to people), my colleagues were jokingly smirking and tellingĀ each other “wait till her second one comes along, she won’t be so lucky twice”.

Come to think of it, she does have some surprising characteristics. Just yesterday she was given a lollipop at music class and, even though she loved it, because we told her it spoilt her teeth, she sucked it for a while and chucked the rest. She also very rarely threw tantrums outside, even pulling her away from the playground is more of a fun game of catching and teasing rather than of dragging her away with tears and screams. She also, of course, the most surprising bit to everyone, loves green leafy vegetables. I guess I did strike it lucky. Fingers crossed with no. 2!

Character Building

A bad dream last night got me worried about how I’m bringing up Sophia, and possibly concerned about my own warped thinking.

The dream clearly has a lot to do with the program “Dirty Jobs Down Under” I watched on the plane where the host joins a couple of snake catchers on their assignments to catch brown snakes. The scene of a baby snake about the size of a pencil with its jaws opened wide biting on the host’s leather gloves was particularly disturbing leading to a dream about Sophia insisting that I put my hand in a container containing a baby brown snake and me reluctantly doing so being unable to prevail over her. Of course, I got bitten and was waiting for myself to die.

It seems ridiculous to get worried about raising a mean child just because of a dream but she does show tenancies of not being very altruistic. For example, when playing crocodile, she would shout “crocodile, don’t eat me, eat mama!” We think its funny and it may be that she’s doing that in jest because its all a game and she wouldn’t do that in a real situation. But who’s to know for sure? Maybe its time to book myself a place in a home!