My poor baby is constipated. Actually last night before her bath I heard her grunt and saw a bit of poo peaking out, but for some reason she decided to stop pushing and it retreated. I was already worried then and was hoping that the warm bath will relax her enough to pass it out, but it didn’t. So the poo stayed inside one more day for the intestines to absorb even more water from it. This morning when having breakfast she grunted again but when her diaper was checked, all that was found was a bit of blackish stain, like a crayon mark. So I allowed her to jump a bit and after a while she stopped and stood grunting. I even pushed hard against her tummy as she pushed to help her along. After a substantial amount of grunts, I checked and saw a large lump of poo stuck halfway in and halfway out. So her legs were pushed up and more tummy massaging continued. The poor girl’s anus really looked like it was stretched to the max. More poo emerged but at one point she decided enough was enough and pushed her legs downwards, the lump broke off and the other half slowly retreated back in. I caught a glance of the inside of her rectum and oh how my heart ached when I saw the tears and streaks of blood. True enough, when I dabbed at her bum with a wipe there was blood.

Poor Sophia.

In my desperation I googled constipation cures again and the same few websites that I’ve already viewed came up of course the same cures

  • Avoid BRAT – banana, rice, apples, toast
  • Up the Ps – Prunes, Pears, Peaches (and peas?)
  • More water
  • flaxmeal / flaxseed oil
  • tummy massage
  • movement – crawl around or bicycle legs
  • warm bath

And as a last resort laxatives or suppositories. I think the “right” cure for Sophia would be water. Its probably caused by me dropping the dream feed and upping her solid food intake resulting in a sudden huge decrease in the amount of fluids she is taking.

Hee hee.. this morning evil mum slipped 15ml of water into her 130ml of breastmilk. It surely cannot harm 😛


Later that day, Sophia proceeded to poo another SIX times, one of which was in the middle of the night, and then another 2 times the first half of the next day. I’m amazed how much poo there was in her little tummy frior to this round of clearance. Gosh.

Poo stories

Great. Prior to this I was reading about other babies’ constipation stories with amusement and its now my baby’s turn. She would make the poo face and sound but when I peer in, nothing. But when i lay her down and push her legs up, brown matter would emerge. Rubbing her tummy in a clockwise manner would encourage even more brown matter to emerge. Good thing her poop doesn’t stink anymore for some reason.

She definitely needs more water. Dropping the dream feed means 170ml less fluids per day which I guess needs to be replaced with water.