Lantern painting competition

Sophia took part in this year’s Chinatown Lantern Painting Competition. But she clearly is not too concerned about the competition bit. She thought that the lanterns were being hung up to dry and kept asking whether the lantern was dry so she could bring “her own lantern” home. She was mighty upset when we went home without the lantern!



Look at my helmet

She was told that helmets are a necessity when playing on a scooter but helmets are uncomfortable so what’s the solution? Make mama form a loop with a balloon and use that as a helmet.



I wish I could claim the credit for the creativity but this one’s all Sophia.

Arty farty

When you ask a 2 year old whether she would like to go to the playground or to buy watercolour, what answer do you expect to get? I was so not expecting “I want to buy watercolour!” But anyway, that was her choice so off we go to buy paint, and, so far, she’s enjoying it.

dip dip


paint paint


All smiles!

Peh peh

Sophia has been into drawing for the longest time but it is only recently that we begin to sort of make out what she is drawing. These days she’e been doing a lot of circles (faces) with 2 dots (eyes) and a line (mouth) inside. She sometimes pre-warns us what sh’e going to draw so we can see it coming. I’m not going to show the “mummy” ones, which, incidentally are the better drawn ones with circles that are quite round and distinct dots and lines, so here’s one of “peh peh” ie uncle or specifically father’s elder brother in hokkien baby-speak. We were quite surprised she would draw “peh peh” because usually its papa, mummy or the grandparents.


Albino animals

We’re still in crafty mode and since Sophia likes animals so much, its mostly animal themed. We made a paperbag lion from printable materials downloaded from the internet. Sophia was basically drawing random squiggles with random colours while I coloured and the daddy who was looking on said I painted an albino lion because I went so light on the colours!

When the lion was done she put it on her hand and went around “biting” people, saying “Urmm” but, when she came to me, she said “no eat mama” and went around biting the rest. So cute!

The albino lion

Art Craze

We’re into art and craft these days, inspired by my ever-inspiring boss at a women’s conference where working women were talking about the issues we face and she highlighted that things probably won’t be any better if we quit our jobs because its not like we will say “okay! lets do some art and craft!” Rather we will just go about doing housework, planning this or that etc given our highly charged personalities. Which was a wakeup call that I SHOULD do some craft with Sophia. And given that my creative juices are rather limited, I ordered a lollibox. It is, admittedly a bit expensive but it does save me the trouble of having to go out and get different materials and provides the ideas so I don’t have a rack my brains.

The lollibox arrives!

We started with the stained glass window which was the less messy activity but I was worried that she would snatch the scissors and do dangerous things with it. Surprisingly she didn’t but just held out the pieces of crepe paper for me to cut and repeated the names of shapes after me. It was clear that she already knew the name of some shapes like “triangular”, which she readily called out without me having to say anything, but not others like “oval” because when I showed it to her and said “oval”, she rolled it around on the floor and said “roll over”, confusing “oval” and “over”. How cute.

Hanging up her masterpiece – on the knob of the DVD player!

Then there was the colours factory activity, which I was even more apprehensive about and only dared to do just before her bath time, covering the floor with lots of newspaper and protecting her with an apron. In my mind, she would insist on making random strokes with all the colours, resulting in an indiscernible mess, but surprisingly, she followed all my instructions on where to put the colors, except towards the end, where she insisted on using white. No trouble, we just ended up with a pastel version of the colour we were supposed to use anyway. Funny things also happened along the way for this activity, such as when I said “wow, so many colors!”, referring to the little pots of colors and she said “wow, so many colors, green blue, green, green, green!” (calling every colour which name she has forgotten green). I think at the end of the exercise she remembers blue and purple, on top of green and red which she is very familiar with. Yay! Success!

I know my colours – yes, the “rainbows” are not quite painted properly but it better Sophia does it than I grab her hand.