Lantern painting competition

Sophia took part in this year’s Chinatown Lantern Painting Competition. But she clearly is not too concerned about the competition bit. She thought that the lanterns were being hung up to dry and kept asking whether the lantern was dry so she could bring “her own lantern” home. She was mighty upset when we went home without the lantern!



Look at my helmet

She was told that helmets are a necessity when playing on a scooter but helmets are uncomfortable so what’s the solution? Make mama form a loop with a balloon and use that as a helmet.



I wish I could claim the credit for the creativity but this one’s all Sophia.

Arty farty

When you ask a 2 year old whether she would like to go to the playground or to buy watercolour, what answer do you expect to get? I was so not expecting “I want to buy watercolour!” But anyway, that was her choice so off we go to buy paint, and, so far, she’s enjoying it.

dip dip


paint paint


All smiles!

Peh peh

Sophia has been into drawing for the longest time but it is only recently that we begin to sort of make out what she is drawing. These days she’e been doing a lot of circles (faces) with 2 dots (eyes) and a line (mouth) inside. She sometimes pre-warns us what sh’e going to draw so we can see it coming. I’m not going to show the “mummy” ones, which, incidentally are the better drawn ones with circles that are quite round and distinct dots and lines, so here’s one of “peh peh” ie uncle or specifically father’s elder brother in hokkien baby-speak. We were quite surprised she would draw “peh peh” because usually its papa, mummy or the grandparents.


Albino animals

We’re still in crafty mode and since Sophia likes animals so much, its mostly animal themed. We made a paperbag lion from printable materials downloaded from the internet. Sophia was basically drawing random squiggles with random colours while I coloured and the daddy who was looking on said I painted an albino lion because I went so light on the colours!

When the lion was done she put it on her hand and went around “biting” people, saying “Urmm” but, when she came to me, she said “no eat mama” and went around biting the rest. So cute!

The albino lion