Lanterns – Made in Singapore


 Last saturday after Sophia’s dinner we took a walk in Chinatown as usual. Just Grandpa, Grandaunt, Mummy and Sophia. It was judging day for the lantern making competition held at Chinatown. These large lanterns were made by various youth groups, schools, volunteers etc. They’re not of professional standard yet of course, but after one lesson these youths spent nearly a month twisting very tough wires to form shapes, trying all ways to cover the shapes nicely with cloth. I admit, its beyond me. So even though they don’t look as impressive as the giant pineapple in the field nearby or the bunch of grapes near the garden bridge, I almost think these deserve more applause.

 Sophia likes them too. She didn’t quite like how too many people were trying to carry her though. I wish she would be friendlier.

Speaking of friendly, I can’t help but share how cute Sophia and her friend were at school last week. She has this best friend (or at least we assume they are best friends) at school and when Sophia’s dad went to pick her up, she saw them sitting side by side playing with toys. When Sophia saw daddy and stood up, the friend stood up too and hgged her as if unwilling to let her go home. How sweet! And all that reminds me why I send her to school.

I am the queen!

Sophia has been drinking all her milk from a straw cup since she was 13 months plus and has been holding her own milk bottle for months and months, so she’s perfectly capable of holding her own cup and drinking from it right? But when both grandparents and grandaunt are around, this is what happens:


I don’t love you

My mum and I were devastated. Last Saturday morning my mum randomly asked Sophia (in mandarin) whether she liked grandpa (nod), grandma (shake), grandaunt (nod), mummy (shake) and daddy (no reaction). I wasn’t present when this took place so I easily brushed it off as random reaction where she doesn’t know what the words really meant. But it affected me enough to try it again later in the day in English: Sophia, do you love mummy? (shake) Do you love gong gong? (nod) Do you love grand aunt? (nod) Do you love popo? (shake) Do you love daddy? (nod!!) Argh! The answers are the same!

After this though, she refused to answer these question anymore.

Even though her questions to the verbal questions are unequivocal, her actions are a bit ambiguous though. For instance this morning she insisted that I carry her rather than her grandpa and refused to let go of me even when we reached my workplace. In fact, when we were leaving home, she pointed stubbornly at my slippers and refused to leave the house with me wearing work shoes. At lunch when I returned she cried the moment she heard the sound of door opening indicating that I was about to leave home. Now if she doesn’t love me, she shouldn’t really care. I’m utterly confused.

My love for Sophia is unconditional of course. But I would strongly prefer it if she loves me back!

Let me check the bill……


Are you sure that's right? Let me check.


My cousin caught this photo of Sophia looking like she’s checking the bill. None of us sitting around her noticed she was doing that. We were having the ala-carte hi-tea at Zhou’s Kitchen at Far East Square. It was quite a disappointment so its just as well that they are discontinuing this from June onwards. For some reason the Tung Lok group seems to do its ala carte really well but its buffets not so well. I like Zhou Kitchan and Lao Beijing for their affordable but not-too-bad dishes at lunch and dinner but both their high tea buffets were good value looking at the menu but really bad value when you take into account the quality.