Biblical Money Code?

While doing my random surfing, I came across a video about making money the biblical way. About 90% of the video comprises of very salesman like speech, quoting bible phrases and parables, the most relevant of which were “look well into your investment” from proverbs (which basically is saying nothing to the layman these days who have limited means of looking into the complex companies and investment products thrown at us) and the parable of the talents or minas which he used to say that not investing is evil (which seems to me to be too literal an explanation of the parable when the more widely accepted explanation is that it is an exhortation to use one’s skills or gifts towards the furtherance of God’s kingdom). The video ended with a slightly technical description of how he analyses his investment then he basically says that in this newsletter I publish I set out my analysis. I’ve done all the work for you the biblical way. Hmm.. doesn’t that go against the “look well into your investments principle then – proverbs didn’t say have someone else look well into your investments, you’re supposed to do it yourself, isn’t it? Anyway I’m slightly sceptical at the moment and think this sounds a bit like exploiting scripture for a sales pitch.

Separately, though, this got me thinking about my own investments and I realised that only about 10% of my liquid assets is invested, which is shameful statistics. This is not an invitation to sell me “investment products” especially those that tie up my money and give me about 4-5% returns. STI’s long term returns is more than 5% on an annualised basis so if I place it there for the same period as I place my money into these long term plans, I get more returns. And I suffer no penalty if I really do take the money out for a property investment etc. Why, therefore, should I put money into products that lock my money out and take more management and insurance fees than the ETFs?

Here’s just my investment rant, feel free to share your investment thoughts / philosophy!