I don’t love you

My mum and I were devastated. Last Saturday morning my mum randomly asked Sophia (in mandarin) whether she liked grandpa (nod), grandma (shake), grandaunt (nod), mummy (shake) and daddy (no reaction). I wasn’t present when this took place so I easily brushed it off as random reaction where she doesn’t know what the words really meant. But it affected me enough to try it again later in the day in English: Sophia, do you love mummy? (shake) Do you love gong gong? (nod) Do you love grand aunt? (nod) Do you love popo? (shake) Do you love daddy? (nod!!) Argh! The answers are the same!

After this though, she refused to answer these question anymore.

Even though her questions to the verbal questions are unequivocal, her actions are a bit ambiguous though. For instance this morning she insisted that I carry her rather than her grandpa and refused to let go of me even when we reached my workplace. In fact, when we were leaving home, she pointed stubbornly at my slippers and refused to leave the house with me wearing work shoes. At lunch when I returned she cried the moment she heard the sound of door opening indicating that I was about to leave home. Now if she doesn’t love me, she shouldn’t really care. I’m utterly confused.

My love for Sophia is unconditional of course. But I would strongly prefer it if she loves me back!

Happy 15th month

Dearest Sophia,

I know, its a bit odd for me to write my loveletters to you at these strange months 9, 15  and whatnot. Blame it on my lack of planning I suppose.

Needless to say, the past few months you’ve gown so much. From being such a late crawler to now being able to walk very well without holding on to anyone or anything, the transition is nothing short of amazing. Your growing sense of independence is also a great transformation to witness. Previously you would always want to hold our hands when outside but now you happyly walk alone. Even in creche I used to have to sneak out when you’re preoccupied with the bears and now I can wave goodbye to you and you’ll wave back hapily! I don’t have to worry about sending you to kindergarten at all then, you’ll definitely adapt well and if you were to reject going to school I would know that it is because the teachers do not treat you with sufficient love and not that you are a sticky baby.

You’ve been shaking your head at everything for the longest time and although sometimes we know you don’t mean it, its really confusing us when you say something is *shake* not good but yet say *pointing at item* that you want it. Ever since you mastered the nod, communication with you has been so much easier. I’m quite glad really since you have such a strong will and if you want the cheddar biscuits then the oatmeal ones will not do at all. Pointing at the general direction does not help when there are many things in the same general direction so its great to be able to ask whether you want to go see Mickey Mouse (cold storage) or Dragon (chinatown).

You love to eat but the love extends only to things not meant for you. Which I guess is fair enough because things meant for you are generally not the tastiest but they are the healthiest! The look you give me when I tell you that you can only have the cheddar biscuits after you finish your breakfast of bircher muesli really pains me but I’ve got to do it else you’ll be eating nothing but junk all day!

You’re the best thing that has happened to me and my prayer for you is that you’ll grow up healthy and wise.

With lots of love, Mummy

Happy 10th Month

The 10 month old

Dear little hamster-face,

A blink of an eye and you’re 10 months old already. And I thought in the 9th month you picked up a lot of skills. I clearly had no idea what 10 month old you are capable of back then! You’re now crawling around very quickly and efficiently on your hands and knees, standing steadily when holding on to support, pulling yourself up with minimal external help (even standing up on your high chair), cruising a little, waving bye bye, saying a few words like mama and bear bear, opening and closing your hands to twinkle twinkle little star, feeding yourself down to that last bit that used to get stuckin your fist and so so much more. Mummy can’t begin to tell you how proud of you I am.

Your character is really starting to show these days. You’re curious but cautious. You like to show off your new skills and quickly discard the older useless ones. I can see the stubborn streak that I hope doesn’t grow out of proportion. At its current level its just about the right amount of determination that you need to succeed in life. Do continue to bloom and show us the personality underneath that cute face.

Do try to not give us such a hard time when its your nap/bed time.

With lots of love and kisses,


Happy 9 Months, Baby

To my darling munchkin:

Gosh, I can’t believe its already been 9 months. I remember the moment immediately after you were born when Christine lifted you up before whisking you away to be wrapped up in aluminium foil and towels and have your fingers and toes counted and everything else they do to babies when they first come into the world. A blink of the eye and you are now such a big girl!

You’ve always been a  trooper. Grandma passed you the cold bug when you were just 6 weeks old but you took it in your stride. No cries, screams, tantrums or anything out of the ordinary, except when they tried to stick a tube up your nose to draw out the mucus but seriously, nobody can be expected to take that without a bit of a fight!

In the last nine months you’ve picked up so much more than the mere “developmental milestones” of sitting, grabbing and whatevernots. You’ve developed a mind of your own. Mummy is still struggling to understand you. In some ways you’re like a rowdy boy banging things around, screaming your head off and happy to run amok with a diaper full of poop. Yet you’re such a girly-girl at times, clinging on to me when we’re out and pulling at your (non-existant) hair.

Do continue to surprise (and exasperate) us with your new tricks but don’t grow so quickly! It feels like the baby you is slipping away before I have enjoyed the cuddles and the baby smell enough. Promise you’ll always come back to give mummy a hug at the end of the day no matter how old you are.

With lots of love,

Mummy (and vicariously, Daddy)

P/S: Darling, recover from your cold and diarrhoea soon!