Fire Station again

MHA organised a visit to the central fire station so I went with Sophia, notwithstanding having been there not long ago. Sophia had just as much fun this time, though the explanations by experienced firemen, which made the experience much better, was too boring for her and she kept walking away.



Fire station visit

Went to Central Fire Station with Sophia last weekend. I think she enjoyed it, although vehicles that are “Hot Hot!!!” are a no-no for the little girl. The opportunity to “drive” a fire engine is great experience for the children. Love how they could quickly get everyone off the vehicles, close the doors and rush off to an emergency.



Science Centre

Of course, she has no idea what is Science Centre. When we asked her whether she wanted to go, she asked: “what is shiny centre?”

“No, not shiny centre, science centre.”

“What is sign centre?”

“That’s a place where you learn about all the things around you and how things work and all your why why whys get answered”

“I want to go to the Y room!” (A reference to leapfrog letter factory)

She enjoyed it anyway, not withstanding not understanding most exhibits. There was a big dinosaur and a very very big dinosaur and that was good enough.

Oh and an empty imax theatre virtually all to ourselves.


Zonked out after Charlotte’s Web play

Good thing I fished out the manduca carrier before leaving home. I was surprised that, even though towards the end she told me she seemed restless, she concluded that she enjoyed it and wanted to go for more.

Towards the end she told me she was tired and wanted to sleep on her “own bed, not on mama.” Yar, right, before I walked 50 metres with the carrier she was sound asleep.

Oh and she’s getting quite adamant that “I’m not a baby”. Said that to 2 waitresses who called her baby.


“This one not worm”

We pass by this friendly snake decoration on most days during our after dinner walks. We tell Sophia that’s a snake and she responds with the above captioned line (trust me, I’m working on undoing the Singlish, its hard). Should I be concerned that she’s more familiar with worm than snake? I guess not. Its cute! And then she goes on to tell us things like birds eat worm and other stuff she knows (like this one not snake 100 times) I’m going to miss this stage when she grows up to become “I’m smarter than thou”.


Puppets and popcorn

We brought Sophia over to Chinatown Point for their nightly puppet show in celebration of their re-opening. I’m not quite sure why they chose puppet show and why this time given that I don’t think the mall is particularly child focused and most of the shops are not opened yet but hey, I’m not complaining about free entertainment for Sophia.

PuppetMost of the children really enjoyed the puppet show but Sophia was more interested in:

PopcornFree popcorn! Most of the time she was ignoring the puppet show and looking down at her popcorn. In fact, when grandpa told her that’s quite enough popcorn for a day, she decided she didn’t need to stay at the show area either.

Funny girl.