Retro playground at Raffles Place

I love the new setup that NParks put at Raffles Place as part of their 50 years of greening Singapore celebrations. In fact, I think it would be a great idea for them to keep it there permanently! Because of the retro park and playground thing set up there, Raffles Place actually became much less of a dead town during the weekend.

It is also at this retro park that I realised that my timid daughter has gotten much braver. She’s actually happy to sit on her own on a swing clearly constructed for someone of adult height. One wonders why she still fervently objects to inserting a coin in kiddy rides, not that I’m complaining as long as it is not out of overly extreme timidness.



Sophia and friends

Only when I’m the only one caring for Sophia at the moment is it possible to allow Sophia to hang around with the children in the estate like this. I view it as an important part of her growth and learning journey, to mingle and mix with other children and gain social skills in the process. What’s more these children are beyond imaginative. Here they are on a ship sailing to unknown lands. Along the way they meet storms and volcanoes and monsters, and all the while they had to take care of their baby and 5 hamsters on board with them. Not sure how much of that Sophia understood but one day she will.

Come board our ship, the storm is coming!