Taking photos of toddlers

When Sophia and her friends were babies a few months old, taking photos of them were easy – just lay them in a row and they will have very limited ability to escape. Now, as toddlers, this is what you get:

One child “topples over”

Another follows suit, and more

Probably better to just snap when the kids are playing

After this playdate, I finally bought Sophia a new swimsuit. Hope she doesn’t lose it at school again!

Cousin Samuel

The past 2 weekends Sophia has been going to her elder cousin, Samuel‘s place to play. Curious enough, the first week she caught the flu from Samuel’s dad and the following week she passed it back to Samuel.

Sophia seems to really look up to her big brother who’s the dare devil dashing around. In front of him she’s all meek and mild and has none of of the bossiness that she displays at home. The only time she get back to her bossy self is when we put her in the room to sleep and she runs towards the door repeating over and over “ma-co ni” (it took me a long time to figure out she meant balcony).

Everybody loves Grandpa


Pushing cousin samuel along – very fun as long as Samuel doesn’t suddenly push the car backwards into Sophia


Samuel’s teacher called Sophia “didi” (younger brother) when she was introduced as his cousin.

TOMOdachi and baby toys

Quick posts updating things we did last weekend with Sophia. First up: Lunch with Sophia’s japanese friend, Tomo. Had lunch at Jerry’s followed by japanese style cakes at k.ki. What is Japanese style pastries, the Japanese asked. Well, whatever it was, their verdict wsa that k.ki’s version is closer to it than P.S. Cafe’s version a few steps away. Not that P.S. ever claimed to be japanese style. The comparison only arose out of sheer proximity of the 2 establishments.

Then the next day the daddy went to his school as usual and after Sophia’s nap I brought her there. For some reason she insisted on getting into the baby walker (all on her own, I may add, with daddy spotting her behind but not helping). I guess to her its a sort of “toy car” and not a walking aid for babies who can’t walk yet since she has never used a walker.

We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo

The january babies went to the zoo last weekend and one blur mum forgot her handbag (and hence her wallet, phone and (camera) phone. The grandma took some photos like this:

Daddy and mummy brought me to the zoo!


Anyway the little ones enjoyed looking at all sorts of animals and especially enjoyed the waterplay area. Daddy didn’t enjoy it as much as he lost his glasses when coming down the slide with Sophia. Sophia had so much fun that she didn’t even protest when daddy carried her out of the waterplay area. And she was 1/3 way through her turkey with veges meal (with bread on top because that’s the only way to get her to eat anything these days) when she nodded off. That was kind of good too because she slept through daddy and mummy’s KFC lunch so she didn’t get to demand a share. For some reason though she woke up as we were leaving KFC after just a 25min catnap and refused to sleep all the way till dinner when she nodded off halfway through dinner as well and wasn’t woken up even by a video of an upbeat singing session in school or by dunking her in bathwater. it proved to be yet another catnap of about half an hour after which she woke up crying inconsolably. Good thing she slept at a normal hour though.

Babies in conference

PizItalia Review

After reading the reviews of PizItalia over at both Kless’s and San’s blog, I couldn’t wait to check out the 2 storey tall playground. So I asked my good friend cum ex-colleague whether she would like to bring her son there as well and we trooped over the first weekend after reading about the place. The moving dinosaur that greeted us in front of the restaurant was impressive. Pity both our children were scared of the T-rex and we couldn’t get photos of them in the eggshell next to the dino, which would have been so cute!

Moving T-rex outside restaurant

We got there around noon and it was as hot as Singapore gets. The restaurant only had a small air-conditioned area where the air con wasn’t strong enough to cool the area down. So it was extremely uncomfortable especially for my pregnant friend. Nevertheless, we sat down, fed our children lots of water and gulped lots of iced water ourselves. As you can see, the kids weren’t too happy from being hot and hungry.

Unhappy children

Seth went off to the playground first while I fed Sophia her home cooked porridge. I was surprised the food hasn’t attived by the time Sophia finished eating as even though she’s not a very slow eater, normally the food arrives before she finishes and I have to fight her to finish her own food before eating our food. Nonetheless I was glad for the time to play at the playground with her without knowing that my food is getting cold. The playground is technically a 3 storey structure but the slide started from the second storey and the third storey looked to me like just a small square area of less than 1m square leading to nothing. I wonder why they bother to creast the 3rd storey. No child was going up as far as I could tell. Also, I was surprised to find that the spongey looking “staircase” was actually rather hard. 

Part of the installation was also already falling apart despite being so new.

Part of the protective foam that was supposed to cover the metal bars

And the bottom of a few spongey structures was just stapled on with the staples exposed. I do appreciate that these electronic staplers are not like our office staplers and the individual staples will not come out as easily but they just still look dangerous to me.

Staples - potentially dangerous? Perhaps not right now but in a few months or years when sufficient tiny hands have pulled on it.

The good thing about the place is the huge ball pit, which Sophia enjoyed “packing” ie picking up individual balls and putting them into baskets and S enjoyed jumping into.

Packing balls

Sophia also really liked the white tiger soft toys:

How long more will these tigers stay snow white?

The older kids can be dropped off and there’s supposed to be a lady outside signing them in and generally keeping an eye over them but I don’t recommend this. She is just alone there and can’t really attend to all the kids. One of the girls was complaining to everyone that she wants socks and when nobody gave her socks just went outside to look for her parents. The lady watching over the place never paid any attention to this girl and nobody stopped her from leaving the playground.

After a rather long time, S’s mummy never came to get us, which she was supposed to do when the food arrived. Even S got too hungry and went back to the dining table another 10 minutes or so later S’s mummy came to say lets leave, they forgot our order and S is too hungry. A lady who was there with her child told me that the service is really quite patch and the last time they came they waited a long time as well and they gave them the wrong bill etc. So it doesn’t sound like its a once off mistake. But of course it could be teething problems in a new establishment and maybe they just need time to improve their procedures.

Anyway toddlers’ stomachs are not made to be empty for long periods of time so we trooped over to macdonalds where Sophia had corn and a single fry which she stole from my friend’s box that was supposed to be empty. First fry in her life.

It looks like she's eating corn, but she's actually stuffing a fry into her mouth

The highlight of the trip though, was when we finally left macdonalds and went out into the open. That was when I finally see a very happy girl running about holding her macdonalds balloon. That was what made the trip worth it.

Seth was happy to be out too, looking at the “boat”s docked in the distance.

All in all a good trip out. There were a few items on the menu that I was interested to try but pity we couldn’t. Hope PizItalia can sort out their service issue and do well. I think restaurants that cater for children is a great concept and as a mum I hope such establishments do well so that there will be more of such options in Singapore.