Peh peh

Sophia has been into drawing for the longest time but it is only recently that we begin to sort of make out what she is drawing. These days she’e been doing a lot of circles (faces) with 2 dots (eyes) and a line (mouth) inside. She sometimes pre-warns us what sh’e going to draw so we can see it coming. I’m not going to show the “mummy” ones, which, incidentally are the better drawn ones with circles that are quite round and distinct dots and lines, so here’s one of “peh peh” ie uncle or specifically father’s elder brother in hokkien baby-speak. We were quite surprised she would draw “peh peh” because usually its papa, mummy or the grandparents.


Doodly doodle

Do you remember this magnetic drawing board thing from your own childhood that you write with a pen that had a metallic end and can be cleaned with a swipe of a tab across the board? Like this:


I just got Sophia one of these from a neighbourhood shop and it was such a great decision. Just yesterday when I came back from work she jumped up saying “mama.. mama..” and headed straight for the board. Once she laid hands on it, she started drawing squiggles that look like nothing but curly pig tails mumbling “m..o..m..p..” (basically a sequence of alphabets that didn’t make sense) and proclaiming “Mummy!” We all clapped and said “well done!” and afterwards I demonstrated how mummy is really┬áspelt┬áby writing and saying it out. I hope she’s not actually supposed to get it at 22 months though, because the next time I asked her to write mummy I think she mumbled “m..o..p..q..” and walked off.