Back and sick!

Finally back from 5 days in Sydney, supposed to be 6 days but became 5 – don’t ask. The daddy vowed NEVER to bring the baby to a trip anymore, at least not to somewhere with flights of more than 3-4 hours. Admittedly the flight back was bad as it was in the day so Sophia was awake and needed to be constantly entertained. Towards the end I caved and gave her the iPhone so she can sing and dance to the nursery rhymes app. Don’t judge. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Unfortunately, after we got back, Sophia developed flu symptoms. She probably caught a chill on the second last day of the trip when the weather suddenly turned much colder than the previous 2 days. We were caught unawares and under-dressed. The sudden downpour coupled with such strong winds that my umbrella was completely destroyed didn’t help. Last night, Sophia’s temperature rose to a whopping 39.8 degrees and not surprisingly she was unable to go to sleep and insisted on being carried. I fed her some paracetamol, turned the air conditioner to chill mode (as it was getting stuffy with the air circulation mode that grandpa likes to set it to), gave her water to drink and hugged her to sleep. After 45 minutes or so, the grandparents decided to check on her and all of a sudden there was a flurry of activity with the grandparents turning on the lights to see how she was doing and take her temperature. Then the grandma deciding to make 2 hard boiled eggs in order to administer her home remedy of rubbing eggs on Sophia’s back, forehead and chest, with much clanging of pots. They then decided to bring Sophia to their room to rub her over with a warm egg. This seems mighty unscientific to me – if anything, she should be given a cold rub down or tepid sponging, not with something warm! She clearly didn’t like it very much either so the grandma could only manage to rub her back. Once again the lights were on for this traumatising procedure and the tv was also on in their room, much to my dismay. After getting baby all worked up, we had to calm her down again and make her sleep (which, in my view, was what she needed most). In the end nobody got much sleep last night.

I do really appreciate my parents’ help with Sophia but circumstances like last night really leave me quite frustrated. I know they did the egg thing out of desperation because they were not people who believe in such old wives tales either and have never done that to me as a child so I am grateful that they care for Sophia so much, BUT I was really worried that the warm rub will only make the fever worse, which is a dangerous thing for children. Its really tough dealing with these situations.

On a separate note, am I the only one who finds these new security devices issued by banks way too fiddly? I received 2 such devices while I was on my trip, they look like mini calculators about 7cm long and 4.5cm wide, but are rather flat so not that hard to carry around. The size was to accommodate the numbers, which is fine, but with one of the devices, the numbers were completely useless! One just needed to press one of the buttons to obtain the pin, so why does the device need to be so huge? With the other, the numbers made sense as a pin needed to be entered to generate the pin, but activation and future operation instructions were beyond vague. I was supposed to follow onscreen instructions which were actually wrong. The button that was supposed to generate the pin based on the instructions was actually the backspace button and I had to experiment with the device myself to figure out how to generate the pin, and then fiddle with it more to figure out how to turn it off (which was not part of the instructions). I have now activated the device but am not 100% sure that next time I would know how to generate the pin. If a young and supposedly technologically sound person like me has difficulties, how much more would the elderly have difficulties?