How to burp a baby

This is not a guide but rather a call for help. I never really knew how to burp a newborn and till now I still don’t. In the first few years of Sophia’s life, nothing I do seemed to work. The position I had least success with was what seemed to me to be the most popular among parents in Singapore – sitted upright on my lap with one hand supporting her chin and the other patting her back. Mostly because she seemed so flimsy that I never dared to keep her in that position for any length of time. The one I have most success with is with her upright resting on my shoulder. And I got most success with that after I carried her higher than I normally do such that my collarbone is almost at her tummy. Something about the gentle pressure there must have helped. But even then success was few and far between and mostly Sophia just led her life with a round tummy and farting a lot. The only other position I know about I never even tried, which is lying down on my lap because I suspected that it would just make her regurgitate milk.

Now that Sophia is older and stronger, all I have to do is to keep her vaguely upright and she will burp after a while. But when my next baby comes along, I’ll be just as clueless as a first time mum!

So tell me, how do YOU burp your baby?