Casa Verde

Last Sunday we went to Casa Verde after church. Sophia already finished her muesli with papaya at church so I didn’t have the stress of having to feed her while eating, which was a good thing. And she surprisingly could sit in her high chair with baby E and Uncle S while Auntie D and mummy queued for food. There was virtually no service to speak of and the food was so-so but the green alfresco environment was great. There were also lots of dogs which kept Sophia very happy. She can sort of say “dog” now except it sounds more like “gork” at the moment. I’m sure it will change bacause “bear” already sounds more like “bear” and less like “baa”. The botanical gardens is a fantastic location for a weekend brunch. If only we weren’t in the middle of yet another heatwave, can’t believe the weather these days!

Being very good on her highchair