Party planning 101 – dessert table

Have I mentioned that I love baking? Well, I do. And so when Sophia’s first birthday came along, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to bake to my heart’s content and not have to throw away tones of leftovers like I always have to.

The plan was to bake for the 3 days before the party but my parents decided to go on a trip on 2 of those 3 days so I ended up having to bake as early as 5 days before and freeze some of the items so they don’t go bad. This does mean that the taste is greatly sacrificed. Oh well, what to do. They are still homemade from quality ingredients so I hope they still taste decent. And if not, 80 points for effort?

I’m very blessed to have very supportive in laws and hubby who went around telling anyone who would listen that I made everything on the dessert table myself so people would know its not that I catered sub-standard fare for them!

Setting up

If I’m not wrong this is the first time I’m making an appearance in this blog 🙂 Here I am taking the clingflim off the mango tart. Possibly the best tasting item on the dessert table since it was the only item cleaned out despite being the most troublesome to eat.


The shortbread had some strawberry puree added which was supposed to give it a pink tint and hence look more like sakuras but I guess there wasn’t enough. Don’t think I can add anymore without sacrificing the texture though. After all there isn’t supposed to be liquid added to shortbread.


These scones are served with homemade blueberry and strawberry jam. All made from scratch. I even got scalded by hot jam as it bubbled in the pot.

Gateau Breton

Gateau Breton doesn’t look all that glamourous and it sort of falls apart when cut and refuses to stay in perfect slices. But its good. The simplicity of just butter, flour, eggs and sugar really just brings out the flavor of the ingredients, which is why quality ingredients are exceptionally important.


I unabashedly copied Hello Naomi (’s designs for these cupcakes as I can’t possibly come up with anything better.

Sugar biscuits

I couldn’t resist buying the Hello Kitty cookie cutters that are responsible for these 3D Hello Kitty cookies and they look so cute surrounded by Doraemon cookies.

Pink Lamingtons

Instead of coating with chocolate I coated these with a white chocolate ganache tinted pink and covered them in desiccated coconut. Just a very slight twist to the original lamingtons. I’m sure the Aussies won’t be too offended by my innovation 🙂

Bowls of homemade salads and porky in various flavors (strawberry, chocolate and almonds, blueberry, grape and something else I can’t remember) joined these baked goods on the dessert table.

And a final look at the half eaten table:

Half eaten......