Fidgets review

After finding out about Fidgets before I was even pregnant, wanting to go there ever since Sophia was mobile and even making a trip there without going in, I finally brought Sophia into Fidgets.

After so many years, the place is starting to look a bit old. The building it is in is very old and run down at the moment because of the extensive construction works. Turf City has always looked like a warehouse; now it looks like an abandoned run down warehouse. The lift worked on our way up but didn’t on our way down so we had to walk down the steps.

I especially liked the area in the middle with couches for parents to lounge on. When Sophia is older and able to play independently I’m sure I would appreciate this area even more. The cashless system inside was good. My dad took my bag with him to giant while I stayed inside with Sophia and I was glad to be able to buy warm milk for Sophia despite my wallet not being with me. Yes, the fact that they served warm milk was a plus which meant I didn’t need to bring milk with me. Other mummies were fishing out their bottles, hot water and formula but since Sophia drinks fresh milk, the frothed plain full cream milk does perfectly fine. Though next time I’ll ask them to froth just half the milk and add in cold milk so I don’t have to wait for it to cool before giving it to Sophia.

All in all we had a relatively fun time. Sophia picked up balls from all over (but wasn’t too excited about the actual ball pit), played with cars (and got shoved off cars by many bigger kids) and climbed the structures (though the big kids structures were too hard for her and the small kids structure was too small for mummy to accompany her on).



A small not too pleasant incident that happened was a few older kids aged 4-7 started playing ball war (throwing balls at each other) with their daddy at the babies play area. I didn’t intervene initially thinking they will stop after a while so I just stood in between Sophia and the fight to shield the balls but Sophia was also moving around and a ball inevitably hit her. She didn’t seem to mind but the balls that hit me actually stung so I didn’t want her or any other baby to be hurt. I had to tell the staff there to stop the kids and the staff seemed rather reluctant to but did so in a nice way eventually. I felt bad for spoiling their fun but in such places one group’s fun should not be at the expense of another group’s right?