And just like that, Sophia won my fresh milk battle for me

By rejecting formula and lapping up fresh milk. Who could blame her? Given a choice I would pick fresh milk over formula any day. In a way I was patting myself on the back for giving her a taste for healthy food because the only thing formula has going for it taste-wise is its a lot sweeter than fresh milk – personal opinion.

Actually the milk issue made me wonder whether I should switch pediatrician. In the first place, he wasn’t very pro breastfeeding. He kept telling me that 50% is almost just as good and that asians tend to have not enough milk. Then at Sophia’s first year well baby check and vaccine visit, I asked him whether I should wean to formula or full cream cow’s milk. He thought for a moment then said formula. Only when pressed did he say fresh milk is also ok but he likened to 92 petrol whereas formula is 98. I’m not quite convinced as I can easily add those additional vitamins and minerals that manufacturers add to formula to Sophia’s food or milk using vitamin drops but the goodness of fresh food with their naturally occurring nutrients is difficult to replace. This pediatrician, though good, strikes me as a bit too conservative. I need a more forward thinking one, I think. Someone who thinks more like me. Who prefers food in their natural form and encourage low salt, low sugar, low fat diets. Who will let nature takes its course if possible. But considering Sophia is already 1 and it will probably be unnecessary and in fact weird to bring her to a pediatrician in another year or so, I guess I’ll stick with this doctor. There’s nothing wrong with him and he’s a very good doctor. He just doesn’t think like me.

When Sophia made the decision to go for fresh milk, I showed off to my mother, her grandmother that I was right after all and her reaction was “oh, we should try other brands of formula then”. Good thing that was fended off with “since she takes fresh milk, lets just stick with it, lest she decides milk drinking is too risky and rejects milk completely. For anyone willing to follow the fresh milk movement, I used Pura with success. She has also tried and accepted farmhouse’s low fat high calcium version but I didn’t give her much, just 30ml as children below 2 shouldn’t be given low fat milk. First choice milk failed even though its supposed to be Australian as well. I will stick with Pura but farmhouse is a good option if its difficult to get Pura at your regular supermarket or if you want to save a bit of $.

Since I’m already showing off about the victory on the fresh milk battle, might as well go the whole nine yards with the showing off – I just made some plain buns (failed polo buns actually, the flaky portion tasted disgusting but good thing I made them half polo and half plain) which were a hit among young and old in the family. Sophia can finish half a bun on her own, as snack, after eating her proper meal. And these are not mini muffin sized buns, they are full sized buns similar to what you would get if you were to buy a bun from any bakery out there. Mental note to make my buns healthier next time. There were already relatively low sugar but I need to use wholemeal flour or half wholemeal half bread flour, just because I can’t seem to find wholemeal high protein flour in the market.