Christmas service

I attended the Christmas service organized by Cornerstone Community Church on Christmas Day and I must say it reminded me very much of the few services I attended at City Harvest which I didn’t particularly enjoy. I’m not being a pharisee here, just that these charismatic services is not my style. But it was cute to see Seth and Sophia interact. And Sophia had fun playing with the couple behind us too.

Babies in church

Sophia was completely the greedy baby that day. Seth’s mummy offered her a piece of Seth’s organic apple rice cracker and I said there’s no need for her to snack but she went and grabbed the snack container from Seth’s mummy’s bag after she kept it! So she got a piece which she tried to stuff into her mouth in one bite. Then as Seth was taking a walk with his daddy I gave Sophia some of her corn snacks, thinking Seth can have some when he’s back. No such chance. Sophia very quickly demanded piece after piece and finished it all up!

When Seth was back his mummy gave him his cup with 3 pieces of rice crackers and asked him to share. He was reluctant initially and pulled the cup back when Sophia reached out for the crackers. I found this really funny so whipped out my camera to take a shot and guess what my really “smart” daughter did? She took my camera from me, and used it to barter trade for a piece of half eaten cracker! It worked alright. She handed the camera to Seth and Seth handed her the nibbled on cracker which she promptly stuffed into her mouth. What am I to do about this little greedy guts?