Working mums’ playdate

This post is long overdue seeing as the playdate was almost a month ago and we’re going to have our third playdate with this bunch of adorable babies this saturday. All the other babies in this group are about 3 months younger than Sophia but she’s possibly the smallest in size there. Or second smallest.
It was her bedtime when we arrived and in fact she fell asleep on the car so she wasn’t super friendly when we arrived. I stuffed toys into her hand, which she held and kept giving me puzzled looks like “why are we here?”

What's this place and who are these people, mummy?

One cute thing we observed was herd instinct among the babies. Quite often when one baby is playing with a toy, particularly if said toy is big, makes sounds and have blinking lights, all other babies are attracted and want a piece of that toy.

Herd instinct

Even though there are clearly more than enough toys to go around.


Its great to be able to meet up with this bunch of working mums once a forthnight to share our stories, concerns and finds. Loving the conversation and the social opportunities for baby as well.