The Real Real Real hospital bag guide

I know I’ve written a “real” hospital bag list before but that was for the pragmatist. But after a conversation with a friend about to deliver on facebook at the end of which we concluded we were weird mums, I knew I needed to create a guide for people like us. The presentation-conscious, control-freak type. This is not just a list but a guide because it also includes all the things you need to do prior to the big day.

4 weeks prior to EDD:

Pack your hospital bag

Sign up with cord blood bank if you so desire

Check out the hospital you are planning to deliver, where to drop of, where to head to for admissions etc.

2 weeks prior to EDD:

Get manicure and pedicure done, preferably gelish or acrylic so they will last (and so you won’t end up accidentally feeding you baby flecks of nail polish). Repeat weekly till delivery date, especially if just going for normal OPI polish.

Go for facial at a professional place that knows what products to avoid for a pregnant lady

Get a brazillian wax done

Get eyebrows shaped

Get a haircut

When having contractions:


Do not eat anything in case you need anaesthetic

Put on light makeup, preferably fragrance free. Go light on the foundation which will melt and streak down your face as you perspire in pain. Smudgeproof, waterproof products are best. I would probably do tinted moisturiser, concealer, cheek and lip tint and 2 coats of waterproof smudgeproof mascara.

Grab your bag and hop on to your transport of choice.

Hospital bag:

Going home clothes (something convenient for breastfeeding but presentable since you probably want a photo).

Comfortable nursing dress to wear in the day in hospital. The ugly hospital gown is not compulsory in private hospitals.

Toiletries including makeup remover, facial wash, toner, moisturiser, sunblock, lipgloss, handcream. Shower gel and shampoo will be provided in single wards (not sure about other wards) but if you have a favourite, bring.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Makeup including foundation, concealer, lip gloss, cheek tint and mascara. These are my basic essentials but bring your essentials 🙂

Fit flops / Birkenstocks

2 nursing bras. Breastpads can be purchased from hospital’s pharmacy in the unlikely scenario that its needed.

4 pairs cotton briefs and stick on type maternity pants. None of the disposable rubbish or tying on the loop type pads like a sumo please!

Scrunchie if you have long hair. It really gets in the way at the most inconvenient moment.

ipad or equivalent, phone and chargers.

Camera and charger

Breastpump and accessories

Pre-admission materials if you did the pre-admission. Cordblood banking materials too.

2 sets of going home clothes for baby, 1 in premmie size and one in slightly larger than newborn size.

Swaddling blanket

Please pack these all into a presentable looking baby bag, not one of those cartoony things and if it doesn’t fit into one large bag comfortably, something is wrong, pare it down and repack. There’s nothing less cool than going into the hospital with oversized potato sacks.

There. I’m serious about everything in this post, though healthcare professional and older folks may not necessarily approve of every item, esp the beauty related ones. Or the way I leave out socks for the mum and hats for the baby. But for my second baby this is genuinely how I am going to prepare for birth.