Don’t shake the milk!

I’ve seen too many of my very smart and very educated friends, as well as random strangers, shake breastmilk violently to motivate myself to bring this blog back to its roots, which is to give wholly unsolicited and unqualified advice based on my own research and biased experience having been there and done that with just one child. Of course, when I say milk, I mean breastmilk. Or, I suppose, if you ever give your baby RAW cow’s or goat’s milk, which I doubt anyone in Singapore would do.I always try my very best to swirl as gently as possible when trying to mix in the fats that coagulated on the sides of the container while in the refridgerator. And have often told family members off for swinging the baby bag when we bring expressed milk out. I cringe when I see mothers or caregivers shake breastmilk as it destroys the molecular structure of important proteins. But I never tell them not to do so because I don’t want to sound like a smarty-pants know-it-all. They may already know it but think its more important to shake off the bits stuck to the container, or to get the milk heated/cooled more quickly. That’s perfectly fine, everyone is entitled to raise and feed their children in whichever way they think is best.

Another thing I’ve been researching now that I’m very slowly weaning is whether there is any harm in mixing breastmilk with other milks (in my case fresh full cream cow’s milk but most research turns up information about formula, which can be used as ancillary information too). Long story short, I have not found anything that says there is any harm in doing so (eg if the 2 somehow reacted chemically to form toxic substances). The only so called harm is if hte child cannot finish the milk then some breastmilk will be wasted which would not happen if breast milk is given first. My child generally finishes her bottle (as long as it doesn’t contain any formula or artificial substances like vitamin drops) so I don’t really have that concern.

So there. 2 hopefully helpful bits of information for today 🙂