Pat on my own back

What was I thinking, running the JPM Corporate Challenge after not running for more than 2 years and having a child in that time?

When I crossed the starting line, I was squeezing my way forward among the crowd, completely ignorant of how unfit I am at the moment. 300 meters of this left me exhausted and I had to content myself with a slow jog while runners overtake me from all over. After what seemed like eternity I spotted the 2km sign and at about the same time my right knee started to hurt. Nevermind I can do it. I shall not stop for rehydration because once I stop running I tend to develop a stitch. So on I go, jogging jogging… at about the 3 km mark I realise I have a glimpse of what its like for Terry Fox because each step brings a sharp pain in my knee. step… ouch… step… ouch… I finally reached the point where I turn back. Bottleneck. Its not even moving. I jogged on the spot like an idiot again worried I won’t be able to get myself started again. After 4 traffic light turns of jogging virtually on the spot, I finally clear the u turn and start running again. Huff puff… Rehydration station ahead at 4km. Heck it. I need water. I stopped and grabbed a cup. Kicked myself for being an idiot at the earlier rehydration station because the water helped so much. I have strength to go into a faster trot. But not for long because the 100m or so of sprinting hurt my knee too much. In fact, beacuse of overcompensation, my left ankle is hurting too. Slow to a jog again. Remind self of how I’ll be able to brag on my blog that I ran all the way, nevermind that my timing is potentially slower than a brisk walker. Jog jog.. finish line in sight. Dash.. ouch.. ok jog. Yay! Cleared 5.6km without walking. Pats self on back.

After celebratory drinks I limp home with a hurting knee hoping to be able to shower and collapse in bed but see that baby’s room’s lights are still on. She’s still playing with grandpa!!! Off with the lights. After a lot of pacifying, she finally sleeps at an unearthly hour (for her). And off to bed for me too…..

Hopefully this will be the start of a healthier lifestyle (ie some exercise at least) for me!