Last day of school in 2011

Yes, November marks the end of school holidays and I was glad I managed to accompany Sophia for her last class of the year. The last class of each term is always party time and everyone is extra gay. Or at least the parents are. The children also get to eat all sorts of forbidden food, like sweetened yoghurt (Sophia only gets Paul’s natural yoghurt at home) and nuggets. And erm… I guess that’s all the forbidden foods I make an exception on. She still isn’t allowed the sweet drinks and cakes and fried noodles/rice. The other food she’s allowed is sandwich – all the other parents were shocked that I let Sophia bite off chunks of omelette sandwich but she’s well trained from sharing my breakfast sandwich everyday.
Even on the last day of school Sophia had to go dangerously close to the keyboard at music time. Learning from the last experience where she pressed some button changing the output to pipe organ mode or something strange like that, I pulled her away before she has a chance to get up to any mischief again. I must say kudos to the JG teachers on that experience because no one made a fuss at all when the keyboard went haywire. The musician just calmly pressed the button rectifying the issue and continued playing and the main teacher, Safina, just calmly pulled Sophia away and carried her for a while.

Trying to reach for the keyboard yet again

 Santa Clause came to class so I guess you know what is the theme for the end of term party this time. It was complete with gift exchange with a cost guideline – $15. That seemed a bit steep for a random gift for a baby classmate. I think up to even my university days gift exchange guidelines remained at $10. Guess that’s how a premium school functions and I better get used to it if I were to end up sending Sophia to the likes of Pat’s Schoolhouse or Chiltern House in future.

I was very surprised to discover that many kids are afraid of Santa Clause! The moment Santa stepped in, at least 3 babies cried. Sophia didn’t cry even when she went up to collect her gift so I thought she was a brave girl and let her sit on Santa’s lap, which she protested about. I should have known, she was scared of teacher Sean (aka teacher acting as Santa Clause) as his real self last week so why would she allow herself to be carried by him just because he had a jolly outfit on?

Santa Clause is coming to class

I think Sophia enjoyed class that day despite not having enough sleep. She climbed up and down a lot.

Excited about last class

Next term Sophia will definitely not be the baby of the class anymore. As it is, there is already one girl younger than her (though bigger sized). My baby is growing up!