Its incredible how funny conversation with a little girl with monosyllabic vocabulary can be. Take teaching colours for example. On good days, it goes like this:

Mummy: What colour is bear bear’s shirt?

Sophia: red

Mummy: blue!

Sophia: Boo.

On most days it goes like this:

Mummy: What colour is turtle?

Sophia: Red.

Mummy: Green!

Sophia: *nods* Red.

Mummy: No, not red, green.

Sophia: *nods vigarously* Red. Red.

Or how about teaching alphabets? On a good day:

Mummy: *holds up a M* Sophia, what is this?

Sophia: M

Mummy: M for…?

Sophia: mama.

On a not-so-good day:

Mummy: *holds up a D* Sophia, what letter is this?

Sophia: dog dog.

Mummy: Yes, clever girl. D for dog. What about this letter? *holds up a T*

Sophia: turtle.

And on a very bad day:

Mummy: *points to letterĀ S on playmat* Sophia what is this?

Sophia: *blank look*

Mummy: What alphabet is this?

Sophia: *more blank look*

Mummy: Which alphabet?

Sophia: Berd

Mummy: Yes, which alphabet?

Sophia: BIIIIIIIG (as in big bird)

Mummy: *faints*