Party planning 101 – Food

I started off my food planning with looking at caterers. Then I realise that there are many in Singapore with prices varying from about $10 per pax to $30 or more per pax but they generally offer similar not-very-delicious food. Plus I had a japanese theme and it was impossible to find japanese food catered. So I looked around and planned and looked more until a stroke of genius struck. I’ll order japanese style pizza! How does teriyaki beef, unagi and country greens and wasabi seafood on pizza sounds? Mighty yummy I say. I’ll supplement these with some sashimi and sushi (takeout from some restaurant), as well as some homemade wafu salad, potato salad and soba.¬†For drinks I’ll get bottles of mineral water, as well as water bottles from Daiso that I’ll fill with homemade green tea. Perhaps also make some pink lemonade for the children.

That was the grand plan before reality set in. To start with, it  seemed like a tremendous feat to prepare the dessert table as it is. Food will generally need to be prepared on the day itself i.e. by noon which is the time the party starts. Then my parents had to plan a trip just before the party such that I will not be able to cook/bake/prepare on a couple of days. And the last item that spoilt the entire plan was that the japanese pizza restaurant that was going to supply the pizzas was closed on the day of the party. That killed the entire food plan.

The fallback was boring but reliable old Neo Garden. I placed my order less than 36 hours before the party and they were able to deliver on time. They could also include a sushi platter with the buffet which tied it in somewhat with the japanese theme. I did also manage to supplement with potato salad, soba, wafu salad and tori karaage. My mum contributed some bbq ribs which were a hit.

On Neo Garden, the food was as usual good but not fantastic. The service was prompt but for some reason even though the same guy came for set up and removal, his attitude on the 2 occasions were opposite extremes. When setting up he was jovial and friendly. When removing the food after the party he was very much the grinch. I was very impressed they were able to accept my order at such late notice.