Peace be with you

We went to NEX with Sophia over the weekend and the moment we pu her down, she dashed straight for the manequins and started holding their hands!

Peace be with you


And with you too


I think she picked it up from church, where we go around greeting everyone around us, shaking hands and spreading the peace.

Also in NEX, there’s this rather large Disney store with lots of soft toys for Sophia to hug.



Ane I was glad to note that disney themed clothes are no longer bright and gaudy these days but much more tastefully designed. Like that:

Cinderella dress


I wouldn’t mind so very much if Sophia were to wear this dress at home or outside.

While we are on the topic of church and hence God, I’m really grateful that God seems to have answered my prayers. I was getting worried that Sophia is showing signs of being a spoilt brat and prayed about it last night. This morning she was already better behaved! No screams or cries the entire morning except forĀ a short while to protest about being placed in the carrier. I hope I don’t jinx myself with this post again!