Step up to the bowl

Have I been tardy with posting again? I’m sorry! Thank God for the facebook page which now sends me weekly updates of my reach – officially 63% less than last week. In other words, I better wake up my idea. Or in less Singaporean military terms, step up to the plate.

Speaking of which, Sophia impressed me by stepping up to the (soup) bowl. Sure, she has been able to feed herself things like yoghurt and porridge with some mess but those things have the ability to kind of stick to the spoon so its easy peasy but soup, I’ve always assumes that with the way Sophia holds her spoon she would just spill all the soup before any gets to her mouth, which was exactly what happened for the first couple of mouthfuls but thereafter she got the idea that she had to hold the spoon straight and actually managed quite well. I’m impressed! Of course, it helped that soup is her favourite food in the world. Normally she goes crazy over corn but look at that bowl of corn next to the soup, completely untouched!

To prove her love for soup, she wouldn’t even let a drop of soup go to waste. When grandaunt wanted to clear away the almost finished bowl of soup, she insisted it instead be brought to her mouth for the last bit to be slurped up. Burp.