One Eyed Bandit


That’s not her winking at you; that’s her with one eye so swollen she can’t open it. We think its a mosquito bite but as usual she has to develop strange ailments like this on a public holiday where all her usual physicians are not working. We’re reluctant to bring her to A&E departments because (i) if it really were a mozzie bite we would really look quite silly waiting hours to be told that and (ii) last time we went to KKH’s A&E we went off not feeling too confident of the very young non-local doctor’s judgement and brought her to her usual doctor the next day so it seemed rather like a waste of time.

Here’s hoping the swelling will subside soon!


Thanks for all the well wishes! Turns out, it was hives. Her daddy gets them too so I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising. Her left eye also swelled up but instead of the upper lid it was the lower lid so she looked quite a sight. Not that she seemed to mind. When the grandaunt came over she pointed at her one open eye and proudly declared “Open!”