First day of school

I just touched down last night and had to deal with a major plumbing issue (think waterfall in the bedroom) in the middle of the night so am rather exhausted but its Sophia’s first day of school so the morning was a flurry of activities.

Sophia attends The Children’s Place, housed in a black and white bungalow tucked in the greenery of the river valley area. The children were a mix of locals and expats. The chinese teacher was mainland chinese but without too strong a northern accent. There were 2 English teachers, both sound Filipino but their accent was not too strong. There were a few words I caught that I would have pronounced differently but you probably will also have pronunciation issues with even local teachers, sometimes more so.

I dropped Sophia off and after keeping her company for a while said bye. She waved bye and off I went to the office to have a nice chat with the principal. Because I have been recommending the school to quite a few people, one of whom started her son 3 months ago and another is starting 3 months later, plus cousin Samuel also visited, there was much to talk about. When I returned to class, snack time was over (I saw her snack container was empty when I checked later) and they were having English class. Sophia sat and listened quietly and obediently took and returned objects. Next was an activity that seemed a bit montessori. The children took turns to match cut up shapes to spaces on a bus with matching shapes. I was not too surprised Sophia did this relatively easily since she has been playing with shape sorters. However. She spotted me at the door after about half an hour and everything went downhill. She insisted on holding my hand everywhere and sitting on my lap when told to sit. No more mummy in class tomorrow, that’s for sure. I hear from teachers she was ok with them changing her earlier but with me around it became a no-no.

One issue I had though was with the food – a lot of plain rice with some braised chicken. Fruit was available but not offered. Must remember to ask the teacher to offer her fruits tomorrow onwards. Even then, not really my ideal meal.

The teachers were really caring though, one child cried a lot and the teachers were practically taking turns soothing him.

Sophia was so tired she fell asleep on the way home. So am I so I shall stop here.