On the plane

No, I did not jeopardise the safety of all the passengers on the plane by posting this on the flight. I merely wrote the draft while I was struggling on the plane, unable to sleep. Good thing I took an hour’s nap at home before heading for the airport. Its just so impossible for me to catch any sleep on flights.

Sophia was surprisingly good tonight! She slept at about 9pm, which is a good time by her standards, but woke up when we carried her up to head to the airport. That was a bit of a bummer because I was hoping she would be able to sleep through it all but no matter, she was really good throughout the journey all the way till the time we boarded the plane! Surprising for a child pulled out of bed. Once the plane started taking off, she found herself a comfortable position in my arms and dozed off. But my inability to sleep meant I was too wriggly a bed so eventually I managed to put her on a seat and off to a deep sleep she goes. Meanwhile I’m exhausted but get no rest.

Here’s hoping she’ll be as easy as this throughout the trip!


To Sydney!

This is just the second time we’re bringing Sophia on a trip. The last time she was just a baby so there were all the logistics over breastmilk and baby food to contend with but she was too small to be too aware of anything. She has since gained a mind of her own so it remains to be seen how easy or difficult it would be to travel with her. Fingers crossed!

To help myself, I packed for her a cute little case of activity material. Crayons, colouring book, notebook, simple stories and stickers. Lets see if they work their magic. Uncle Derrick, that’s the case that the rompers you gave Sophia came in, put to very good use 🙂 she now has her very own burberry documents bag!