Kiddy rides

Since Sophia wasn’t previously aware that kiddy rides could move, her encounters with them consisted of her peacefully co-existing with Barney on a stationary car, exploring the steering wheel and the various blinking buttons.


That peaceful co-existence lasted all of 5 seconds the moment you throw paternal grandparents in the mix. Without thinking, the grandparents took out dollar coin after dollar coin and slotted it into the machine in exchange for 5 minutes of jiggling around. This despite me assuring them that Sophia is perfectly happy on a stationary barney car since she is unaware it could move. Once she does know that it can move when a flat shiny object is slotted into a long thin hole though, she will never be content with a stationary ride ever again.

And hence commences my ordeal of having to cough up a whoping $1 which I think is such a rip off or having to whisk away a screaming and crying child whenever we walk past a kiddy ride in a mall. Why are there so many of them around? And who fixed the ridiculous prices, because when I was a kid, these rides cost 20 cents and taking into account inflation rate of an average of 3% per year they should cost less than 50 cents today, how did the vendors arrive at $1?? Oh, yes, of course, because parents, and especially grandparents, will willingly shell out whatever price they set because we have no choice.