The characters:

Baby: Sophia, born on 3 January 2011, the star of the blog, terribly cute and getting more active and demanding by the day

Daddy: early 30s, doing his MBA, hails from PRC, typically laid back but sometimes surprises mummy by waking up to do diaper changes without being nagged

Mummy: very late 20s, lawyer, Singaporean, obsessive compulsive planner of all things in the process of learning that there is no way to play most things about raising a child

Gong gong / maternal grandpa: Primary caregiver for Sophia, retired just as mummy’s maternity leave ended, limitless amount of patience and love

Po po / maternal grandma: The chef of the family, holds a full time job in accounting, designated bather for Sophia

Grand gugu / Grandaunt: Gong gong’s extremely youthful younger sister, Sophia’s all time favourite person

8 thoughts on “About

    • Hi thanks! Such an honour to hear this from you since you are such a great writer. I love reading your blog too! Yes, the growing up process is full of surprises and joy (and frustration too).

      I live in sunny Singapore. Close enough to Australia I guess 🙂

  1. Hi Elaine and Sophia! Just wanted to say kudos on a funny, insightful and thoroughly heartwarming blog. I have never opted to “follow” a blog before (nor have I ever left a comment) till I stumbled upon Sweet Sophia last week. Have enjoyed reading about your adventures, and am looking forward to many more. I have a daughter myself who is currently 9 months old. Reading about the fun you both have makes me terribly eager to have her a little older, but that being said, I try to remind myself to revel in the present as well.

    I like your lighthearted manner and how you tell it as it is, and while it isn’t fun and giggles all the way, the sun always shines through. You probably get this a lot, but you remind me of me in many ways. And I think you are doing a fine job, both as a writer and as a mom! 🙂

    • Thank you, Muah’s Mommy for your kind comments. Its always encouraging to hear from people like yourself. Glad you enjoy the blog and oh yes 9 months old is a terribly fun age!

  2. Hi,
    I was reading your blog about giving your daughter full cream milk. I have an 18 months son whom im still breastfeeding.. my son too hates formula milk and refuse drinking milk from bottle or sippy cup..May I know how do wean off your daughter from breastfeeding.

    • Thank you for your comment, Lin. It was with a lot of heartache that I weaned Sophia over to a bottle, which I had to do at about 4 months before my maternity leave ends. She actually held out for more than 10 hours without food before hungrily guzzling down an entire bottle of expressed milk. When she was one year old I switched over to a straw cup (skipped the sippy cup as she never liked that). And thereafter between 18 months to 2 years I slowly substituted breastmilk with full cream milk. Maybe you can try taking it one step at a time too? Got to be a bit hard hearted about it, which is the difficult part. If he knows he can get bm by throwing a tantrum, there is no reason for him to settle for the sippy cup.

      Sophia has never had a drop of formula milk, and who’s to blame her given how terrible they taste. I suspect your son will be the same having drank breastmilk all along. Sophia seems just as healthy as any other child, or healthier. If you are worried about not getting all the artificial vitamins and minerals and DHA etc that they add to formula milk, just add some liquid vitamin to his cereal and cut up a fish oil capsule to add to his food. Fish oil is actually a better form of DHA. Just make sure to get those that are molecularly distilled to get rid of the mercury.

      Hope that helps and happy to share more if you’re still having weaning woes!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if your daughter still goes to The Children’s Place? Otherwise I was curious to know where she attends. I’ve been looking for a preschool as well and haven’t been able to find a suitable one. Thanks!

    • Hi Sue, Sophia doesn’t go to The Children’s Place any more. It is a decent school but not perfect, neither is the current school which she attends, Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten. At the end of the day the solution may be to lower expectations and make a list of what is essential to you and look for that. I went through a phase of looking for the ideal school, not finding one, trying to set up my own preschool and when doing the sums realised that if I want to provide everything that I think an ideal preschool should provide, the fees would need to be prohibitively expensive to cover costs. So now I just settle for good enough.

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