Blogs I Read

Family blogs:

Mother, Inc – the ever so witty Daphne makes being a work-from-home-mum seem like such great fun.

My J Babies – the J babies are cuteness personified. Just looking at the pictures make my day.

Mummy Moo – mummy Moo writes well and baby Moo is cute. What’s not to love?

Ed Unloaded – its always nice to see things from the daddy’s perspective. Also, I won some clay from his blog contest even though I never win contests, ever.

The Gingerbread Mum – Poppy’s ultra adorable and I love the craft ideas.

A Juggling Mom – Hope I’ll be able to juggle as well as her!

Growing up with Kah Yen – Abby is ever so sweet as a supportive fellow blogger and Kah Yen always reminds me of Sophia.

The Waiting – No longer waiting but just as pleasant a read. I was hooked from the glasses post, and so were wordpress editors clearly.

Momma Be Thy Name – because its so real and because misery loves company.

Amalah – witty and full of lovely pictures of the 3 cute little boys.

MetroDad – humerous and way cool dad.

Motherhood Uncensored – hilarious and enlightening at the same time.

Education etc:

First Palette – Lots of fun kids craft ideas and printables.

The Crafty Crow – Craft ideas are definitely always welcome.

Paris Bourke – I imagine my life to be filled with these activities with my children when I make enough money to retire in a château, which is to say, never.

Teach Preschool – who’s to say the ideas for preschool classroom can’t be used at home?

Teacher Tom – lots of tips and tricks on dealing with preschoolers to be gleamed from this excellent blog. I would love to send my kids to Teacher Tom’s school, too bad it isn’t in Singapore.

Little Parachutes – A good resource of books to help the little ones deal with the lemons life throws them.

Mrs Forst – what she does with the pre-K kids is amazing.

Food / baking / cooking / other vaguely food related blogs:

Camemberu – delightful recommendations delivered in an ever-so-classy manner.

ieat  – our local authority on hawker food.

Not So Humble Pie – She writes and cooks well. And she’s quirky. What’s not to like!

Parties (I love throwing a party and kids are such great excuses for throwing them):

Hello Naomi – gorgeous cakes and even more gorgeous parties

Kara’s Party Ideas – Its so easy to put together beautiful parties using inspirations from this site.

Pamela Smerker Designs – Ideas, free printables and party needs available from her etsy store.

Sweet Designs – I came across glowing recommendations for her book of the same name and fell in love with her blog.

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