Birthday planning 101 part 2 – Decor

Commercial party decor in Singapore are generally gaudy and of poor quality. They’re also usually cliched, children’s’ programs character themed. The closest fit I could find to my theme was a hello kitty flag banner that I’m sure was made out of cheap paper or plastic and cost S$11.90. So I decided I could make my own banner. Here’s the end product:  

Completed Sophia’s birthday flag banner while se was sleeping

Not too bad eh? And the thing is it is really not that hard. All I needed was some thick paper (I used 160gsm which I found was just the right thickness), a printer, some twine, scotch tape and a glue gun. The glue gun was not even necessary if you don’t have one lying around at home. Its so simple to do I feel like i’m insulting my readers’ intelligence if I include instructions. Here’s how the banner looked behind the dessert table:


I’ve also folded origami butterflies using japanese style papers that I bought at $2 for 60 pieces at Daiso. Then I’m strung them together and tied the strings of butterflies to dowels that I also got for $2 for 4 at Daiso. You can get cheaper bamboo sticks at say Artfriend but its $2, its not forth the trip. The butterfly chain curtains went above the glass doors that led to the swimming pool and next to the children’s corner. I actually even had some left overs that I scattered around the dessert table. Here are the butterflies hanging out in my apartment.

Origami butterflies

To finish off, got some helium balloons and floated them in bunches on the ceiling of the function room. I do think that next time I plan a kids party I’ll just get normal balloons on sticks. They are about 1/5 the price and kids probably enjoy them just as much. Here’s a look at the end result. Not too bad I thought.

balloons and butterflies over play area

Butterflies over glass door

View of the room plus guests

So there. birthday parties can be special without breaking the wallet. In fact, they almost can only be special if you don’t go out and spend all those money on the commercialized party supplies out there. I had great fun D-I-Y-ing these decorative items as well!

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