The phone nanny

That’s not someone you call for childcare advice. That’s a mobile phone that doubles up as a nanny. Actually make that every phone. Toss a phone to a child and he/she will fiddle with it for seemingly forever. A toy one won’t do, forget about trying, I’ve already done that experiment for you. Only the real thing with the bright LCD screen and crisp ringtones will do. Even a land line phone is fine, just don’t fob the child off with fake stuff.

I know its bad. I know I should limit the time Sophia spends with my phone but seeing as how she always wants it once its in her sight, she would end up getting her way at least once a day and she inevitably plays with the peek-a-boo barn app, which is her current favourite. In a bid to make the experience at least vaguely educational for her, I’ve gone on to download peek-a-boo wild as well, at least she learns about animals and the sounds they make. The flashcards and phoenics ones unfortunately she’s not too keen on at the moment.

Next step is probably to rip the educational DVDs onto the phone. I hope I’m not going down the slippery slope of becoming the irresponsible mum who just tosses her phone to the child when the child is bored. But sometimes, just sometimes, the phone is a lifesaver, such as when we are stuck on a car, or when she is screaming in a restaurant. Unfortunately life is not a hollywood movie and sometimes, when its not going all that well, even mums must surely be allowed to cut some corners.

2 thoughts on “The phone nanny

  1. I’m still torn about this issue too. I’ve been guilty for tossing my iPhone to Sophie to keep her entertained while I do my own stuffs. But these days, I try to engage with her and play games or do art and craft with her. Doesn’t keep her interest all the time but at least these are “healthier” distractions.

  2. I wonder why electronic forms of entertainment are just so much more attractive to kids than good old art and craft, singing, dancing, books and other healthier forms of entertainment.

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