My Little Pony Costume – simple homemade design

The husband’s friends are organizing a farewell party with a costume party theme, so we asked Sophia what does she want to go as. Apparently the flavor of the day is My Little Pony so she asked for princess twilight. I was stumped for a while. Why can’t she be like normal little girls and ask for something like Elsa from Frozen, where I’ll be able to easily procure a store bought costume?? Sophia says My Little Pony is easy, “you just take some hair into a tail and tie it to your hair and make a horn and put it on your head and wear some wings and it’s done!” Err.. Ok… After failing to find viable options of ready made costumes, I decided to google some tutorials for making your own and found this very comprehensive sew-along. I’m thinking she’ll melt in a fleece hoodie in Singapore, so I simplified it into something that can be make in about 2-3 hours. Probably less if you are experienced in sewing and don’t have a child disturbing you throughout the process.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures along the way but basically here’s what I did:

  1. Made just the hood part of the costume with the mane, and sewed 2 ribbons at the corner near the chin to that the hood can be tied on like a bonnet. I was not even as precise as the tutorial. I just estimated the width of each strand of hair using felt and left a space at the top of the head for the horn.
  2. Made the ears and horn according to the tutorial using felt. Instead of attaching these to hair clips and elastic bands, I sewed them directly on the “hood”.
  3. Made the tail in almost exactly the same way as the tutorial, except that I can’t be bothered with Velcro so I substituted the strap with a ribbon so that it can be tied around the waist.
  4. Traced the wing pattern on to 2 pieces of fleece then, instead of filling them up such that they become plush wings. I sewed casings along the top and the middle on the wrong side of one of the pieces and inserted wires to hold up the wings. I then sewed two elastic loops to the middle of the right side of the same piece. Now I see the 2 pieces right side together leaving a rather big hole. A bigger hole than you would usually leave would be good as you need to fit the wires through. Now flip it over via the hole and top stitch all round.

That’s it! You’re done. Here’s the end result, not very professional but good enough for present purposes.


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