Chinatown’s Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations

Other than being a mother and a lawyer I also try to be actively involved in the community. I feel it really does children a lot of good to be in touch with the community as well. I’m grateful that I stay near the Chinatown area where the Chinese Heritage is so vibrant but at the same time there is clear signs of Singapore’s unique ability to have different cultures blend together. A Muslim mosque on one street, a Hindu temple on the very next one, a Buddhist temple another couple of streets off and a Christian church diagonally across – what a sight! Within the same vicinity are also several taoist temples, an Indian-Muslim heritage centre, Chinatown heritage centre, tonnes of Chinatown heritage brands, antique shops and plenty of other colourful stuff like a tin tin shop, the best sausage stall in Singapore run by an Austrian, the oldest backlane barber, an informal flea market in the back allies, a chinese martial arts themed restaurant and lots more. A year into staying next to Chinatown and I am definitely not done exploring the place yet.

The most exciting times of the year to visit Chinatown would of course be during the 2 most important Chinese festivals celebrated in Singapore i.e. Chinese New Year (der!) and Mid Autumn Festival. As we all know, Mid Autumn Festival is coming up soon and I’m just tingling with excitement thinking about the interesting activities and events lined up. Not to mention delicious mooncakes, including my absolute favourite teochew yam paste mooncakes. Yums! Plus, for the first time ever, tickets to the opening ceremony for this year’s festivities are up for grabs to the public. I’ve never had the privilege of watching the opening ceremony performance and I hear its really exciting so I definitely am looking forward to it this year. Participation details for the contest to win tickets are on this webpage:

You have no idea what you are missing if you miss out on this (really easy) chance to get tickets to the opening ceremony.

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