Babies do the funniest things

I though I would only start to experience the funny bits of observing a child when they start talking properly and hence able to express their very innocent thoughts. It was a pleasant surprise to start experiencing it now.

Wash wash wash my hair

At the supermarket, whenever we pass the shampoo shelve, Sophia will stick her palm under the dispensing spout of large bottles of champoo then pretend to rub the shampoo onto her hair. Too cute to watch.

I want to pinch you!

When taking our nightly walk 2 nights ago, Sophia started holding on to my hard with her fingertips, in  a sort of pinching action but I reckon its just her practicing her pincer grip. I told her “ouch, that’s painful!” and she immediately rubbed the area she pinched, then started pinching again. and repeated the cycle a few times until she got bored and moved on to pinching grandma. And after that reached for grandpa who was too far away so she stretched her hand and fingers out like a crab claw as if expecting grandpa to come over to be pinched. As if grandpa will be that dumb.

Wait wait

When we want Sophia to be patient we’ll usually say “wait wait” and do the stop sign with our hands ie hold up our palm and move it forward and back. Sophia has clearly picked up this sign and has been asking all sorts of things to wait for her, the funniest being two nights ago. We were telling Sophia its time to go for her nightly walk but she happened to be playing with coins from my mum’s wallet and was holding a coin on each hand. She walked all the way to my room and placed the coins side by side on my bed and told the coins to wait for her before heading out to wear her shoes. Of course, when she came back, she completely forgot about the poor coins waiting for her.

Not me!

Sophia would never be too happy about being strapped onto her car seat so we usually try to talk to her or give her some toys to keep her entertained. This particular night we happened to hand her a balloon on a stick but the balloon fell off leaving only the stick which she waved around and nearly hit my mum. My mum said “hey, you nearly hit my eye!” The cheeky girl immediately pointed at me. Of course I immediately said “its not mummy! Its Sophia!” She immediately waved her hand to say no and pointed at me again. I know I shouldn’t laugh but its just too funny.


One thought on “Babies do the funniest things

  1. How smart and sweet she is! I love especially the ‘wait wait’. You should record more of these precious moments before she grows up.

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