My rather special iPhone case

I often get questions about my iPhone case, even the owner of the restaurant I went to today (a guy) asked me whether that was a photo of my girl on the cover and where I got it. So thought I’ll spread the gospel. Here’s where I bought it from: I received the item within a very short time, definitely less than a week from sending the jpec picture of my girl. The quality was rather good, it stood up to the rough handling of my girl (so far) and has a rather convenient magnetic snap closing. No problems with charging (though the flap needs to be open but still better than some other models where the cover has to be completely removed). No problems with taking photos with the cover on. I have no affiliations and have received no benefit whatsoever from the seller though given the number of recommendations I’ve given about them so far they really should compensate me!


3 thoughts on “My rather special iPhone case

  1. It’s adorable!! But do you think the picture will survive the scratches in a few months??
    I think it may be alright in your careful hands but I have a feeling if I got the cover mine may not last…

    • I’ve used it for a couple of months almost and its still holding up, despite being roughhandled by Sophia all the time. There is a bit of the print being scraped off at the sides though so you may be right.

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