Stop, Baby!

Do you find that there’s no way to stop a baby from doing this? The more you say “no”, “dangerous”, “stop”, the more they go for it once you’re not looking.

Oooh electricity!

4 thoughts on “Stop, Baby!

  1. Yes that’s all babies do. I usually try to ask her to stop once or twice, then I will just carry her away and distract her to something else. That’s the most effective way. If I keep saying ‘No’, she will keep touching, and thinks it is a funny game we are playing…

    But my gosh how you end up with so many plugs on the floor? It does look quite dangerous, she may be tripped by the wire as well.

    • Those are usually tucked out of reach under my tv cabinet actually. I took them out to plug in the keyboard and haven’t had time to shove it back in when Sophia very quickly jumped on it.

  2. This looks quite dangerous to me – we have a lot of these at home and we encase them in those socket boxes. Can easily get them from Homefix DIY! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! A trip to Homefix is in order soon! Doesn’t stop her from making a beeline to any electrical socket when we are out though, like at the doctors etc.

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