Incredibly simple and tasty panfried Salmon recipe

I’m just so surprised at how tasty a piece of panfried salmon that I put absolutely no thought into turned out and I simply had to share it.

I’m actually making pizza with Sophia, which was not too bad in itself and decided given how processed meats like ham and sausages aren’t the healthiest, chickens are pumped full of hormones and I just can’t think up a pork pizza recipe, I’ll do a  salmon pizza. I didn’t want to do a smoked salmon one since Sophia is eating so I followed the only cooked salmon pizza recipe I could find on the fly, here. I used follow very loosely because I really just got the idea from it and improvised. 

I bought a big chunk of Salmon and only used 1/3 of it for the mini pizzas. The rest I washed, pat dry, put into a pan with some olive oil skin side with and turned the flame to medium-low. I then ground some salt and black pepper over it and let it slowly fry. When its almost 3/4 cooked, I drizzled the juice of a 1/4 lemon in and after 20 seconds flipped it over. At the same time I caramelized lemon slices on the side (not sure if this added to the taste). When the salmon was done I took it out and gosh, it was so tasty! Much better than most salmon that I put effort into making.

By the way, if anyone is interested in the salmon pizza recipe I ended up going with, I used a wholemeal pizza dough base. Nothing special about the base – flour, water, yeast, honey and olive oil in the appropriate proportions following a standard recipe that I found online. Thereafter:

1) Throw 3 slices of lemon in skillet to caramalise (I didn’t add the sugar).

2) Chop up one shallot and some dill

3) Grate mozzarella over pizza base

4) chop up caramelized lemon

5) top pizza with salmon, caramelized lemon, shallot and some dill

6) sprinkle the slightest bit of brown sugar on salmon, about 1/4 teaspoon.

7) Stick it in the oven

I rather enjoyed the tart surprise with the caramelized lemons that were not sweetened but I gather its not something that everyone will necessarily appreciate so go ahead and add sugar to it if you prefer.

Yum. I had a good dinner today and so did Sophia who just ate and ate.

Cooking with preschoolers

What’s a sure-fire way of getting a tired girl out of bed? Shouting “Who wants to make pancakes?”

Cooking is such fun for preschoolers and I’m always in search of recipes that are easy to throw together. Pancakes and french toasts are the easiest. And recently I’ve discovered pizza. Its super easy and really versatile. I used this recipe from But I’m sure most recipes online will work fine. Its just really easy to get a decent pizza dough that will taste way better than those frozen pizza crusts. Of course, if you are a real connoisseur, you can try the recipe on ieatishootipost which calls for 3 days of fermentation and, according to the video, produces a much more tender dough than the one I produced. 

Sophia and her cousin Samuel came running over with their hands raised in the air when I shouted “who wants to make pizza” and Sophia ended up eating the equivalent of half a 9-inch pizza on her own I would think, which is way more than her usual little bird portion. 

Anyone has any other toddler friendly cooking ideas? Do share with me!

I want to join the choir!

Sophia really really does you know. She was so impressed when she heard Joyful Voices (childrens’ choir group) perform at our church service that she kept singing the song and doing the action at home. A couple of weeks later when we were earlier for church, I pointed out to her that one of the musicians is in-charge of Joyful Voices and she can go ask whether she can join. She actually did go over! I’m not sure what she said but when she came back she kept singing the song Joyful Voices performed loudly in the main hall, I think to attract the attention of the big sister in charge of Joyful Voices. I guess when she turns 5 she can join. Hopefully her tones get a bit better by then!

Princess – argh!!!

What’s with little girls and princesses?? Good thing Disney came up with frozen recently though, which is a great story with all the right values, and characters that don’t look sickeningly sweet.

I’m rather amused that based on a scene where Anna told Elsa that ” You’re more beautiful”, Sophia decided to turn to me and say “I’m Elsa and you’re Anna ok?” And she even abandoned her favourite two pony tail hairstyle in favour of a single ponytail because “Elsa ties one hair”. Ok, sure. Just as long as you stay away from the hot pink Barbie products!


Till date Sophia hasn’t actually been involved in any fight, often she gets her toys snatched away or pushed and she starts crying loudly for help, sometimes way before the situation calls for it and adults will usually jump in to resolve the situation. So the most that has happened is she falls or bumps her head but she has such a thick skull and anyway is usually such a softee that even her falls are light, there is usually not even a bruise. 

However, yesterday at one of her classes she was “attacked” in the words of the teacher. A girl who was very kind to her initially when she went into the class. The class stopped for some weeks due to departure of the teacher and so when Sophia arrived, she was apprehensive of the strange faces. This girl, small but still significantly older than Sophia (by a year or two) came over to say “baby is so cute, I love baby” and hugged Sophia (which was slightly strange because I haven’t heard of Sophia referred to as a baby for about a year already but I dismissed this small point). I left Sophia in the class and when I came to pick her, I didn’t see this girl. So I asked Sophia, where’s your friend? That’s when the teacher told me that the girl left early because she attacked Sophia. I initially thought it was just normal hitting or even biting, which is common among kids but this girl was strangling Sophia! That sent a chill down my back.

Sophia escaped with angry red scratches on both cheeks, one arm and her tummy. The wounds weren’t deep but still I was traumatised. Sophia seemed much less so though, as she was still keen to return for this class, and when talking about the episode, she kept emphasizing that the girl put glue on her hand rather than the actual bodily harm. I guess not getting glue on her hand is more important to her. *shrugs*

So, the question is, what should I do? Should I try to talk to the other parent and at least find out what happened? Its not the parents’ fault and the girl probably didn’t know any better but leaving it hanging there just seemed wrong. There’s no closure to my mind.

Blackberry Q10 vs iPhone

I swapped my iPhone 4S for a blackberry Q10. Boy did I regret it. I enjoy the ease of typing I used to do before I switched to iPhone but missed the myrid of apps that were so useful. The camera also didn’t come close to matching up with the 4S which was 2 generations old. The number of photos I’ve taken since switching phones has declined to an all time low given that all the phone could manage was blurry images after the moment is gone (since the function takes so long to start up). Overall, iPhone is still the much better all-in-one device. If you, like me, like to type a lot, perhaps use the blackberry as an exclusively work device, but that’s all its useful for. I wish apple would come up with a device with a keypad, then my IT life will be complete.

Potty training update

It worked! Something did, I’m not sure what. One morning I just asked whether Sophia wanted to put on panties instead of her diaper and she said yes. Then when she was reluctant to use the potty, we skipped off to the printer and printed a Hello Kitty potty training chart and told her she get a sticker whenever she uses the potty. Oh and there was also promise of bringing her to the hotel if she managed to stay dry all day. And she did!

There were some issues with going out initially. Short trips were fine but with longer trips she still refused to use outside toilets, so for a while we carried around a potette plus but then we wouldn’t be able to send her to school with her own potty, the school didn’t strike me as a particularly flexible one, so we were troubled for a few days until Chinese New Year came along and she was whisked off to the public toilet by Aunt and Aunt’s helper together with cousin Samuel, and just went on the adult toilet when the helper put her on it. *clap*

So now she’s fully potty competent. And she can do everything on her own, pull pants down etc all the way to clothing herself. I’m not too convinced about proper wiping though……

I wonder what Sophia will say when she grows up to find that mummy discussed her potty usage online. I guess she will thank me when she has her own children that she wants to potty train because mummy at least has a vague idea what to do, unlike grandparents who merely said they don’t remember me in diapers because mummy’s nanny potty trained very early.

Note: For mummies thinking of getting the potette plus, I found that there is no need to get their bag refills. Any recycled supermarket plastic bag works just as well. The potette plus refills do come with an absorbent thing stuck to the bottom of the bag so that the pee doesn’t slosh around for times where you don’t have a convenient place to chuck the bag immediately. You’ll be hardpressed to find yourself in such a situation in Singapore and, if you do, a mum suggested on Amazon that throwing a sanitary pad in works just as well. I haven’t had to try that.